We repair and optimize all types of guitars, mandolins and other plucked string instruments. All luthier work is carried out by us.
We carry out all types of operations, from general setups to the most delicate and demanding restoration work, on guitars for individuals, professionals as well as public or private collections. We remain at your disposal for any questions regarding our services.

My collaborators

Nora Gebhardt

After 3 years of studying at the Musical Instrument Making School in Mittenwald, Germany from which she graduated in 2006, Nora went on to spend a year honing her skills with luthier Christopher Schultz in southern France, where she specialized in the restoration of ancient instruments. Back in Germany in 2007, she joined the workshop of the Munich Guitar Company for the next 2 years; during this time, she spent long hours setups on a variety of guitars as well practicing frequent repair techniques.

In October 2009, Nora ended up settling down in Clermont-Ferrand and started working with Jérôme Casanova, who has been passing down his know-how to her for the past 10 years.

Hadi Hammouda

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