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The guitar setup

Setups are an essential operation if you want to get the most out of your guitar. It is important to precisely adjust the elements that determine the comfort, intonation and balance of the instrument, so that you can extract its full potential. We carefully go over all the parameters in order to find the best balance. This applies of course to old guitars, but also all new instruments from major brands. These industrially produced instruments, whatever their range, are very rarely setup at the factory and the action of the strings is often set very high to prevent the strings from buzzing. You then have to use too much force to press on the strings which can lead to tendinitis – if you are not simply discouraged because playing a poorly setup instrument can be disheartening.

Fret levelling, a testimony of a luthier's true skill

On fretted instruments, quality setups will systematically involve fret levelling. This operation consists of carefully correcting and evening off the top of the frets, in order to take up the imperfections which create a buzzing effect. To ensure that your guitar sounds in tune, it is important that the string rests on a specific point, the top of the fret, and not across its entire width. During a fret level, we also adjust the sides of the frets to prevent any sharp edges. The wood of the fingerboard tends to work and shrinks when the instrument is stored in dry places. This is why the ends of the frets can bother you while playing. After a fret levelling, it becomes possible to lower the action of the strings for optimal comfort and perfect intonation. We work on all guitars – whether you are a beginner or professional guitarist, you will be surprised by our quality setups which will make you rediscover your instrument, by transforming your favorite object into a musical instrument, into a reliable and pleasant tool to play.

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