Nuts & saddles

Traditionally, nuts and saddles were made from noble materials known for their density and stability such as bone, ivory or ebony. With the change in methods of instrument manufacturing from artisanal manufacturing to large-scale industrial manufacturing, the quality of raw materials has suffered. For greater profitability, manufacturing costs and time have been reduced as much as possible. This is why a large number of guitars today are set up with plastic or composite saddles which are also adjusted too high to avoid string buzzing effects. However, these materials are hardly suitable because they do not have the required characteristics. The choice of nut material has a direct influence on the sound and sustain of your guitar because the vibration of the strings is directly transmitted by these pieces to the instrument.
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Hand-crafted and adjusted nuts and saddles

We can replace your nuts and saddle with custom-made bone parts, perfectly adjusted to your instrument. It is important that they fit perfectly: too high, you lose in playing comfort, too low the strings buzz when you play.

Ensuring perfect intonation and comfort for your instrument

The nut has a direct influence on the spacing of the strings and their alignment across the neck. The saddle determines the vibrating string length and must be correctly compensated in order for your guitar to sound in tune. The pressure of the strings must be done on a specific point and not over the entire width of the nut, which would lead to parasitic noise and false intonation. Each piece must be well rounded and polished so that the strings can slide over it without breaking. We offer custom-made bone saddles in white or vintage color, as well as straight or compensated bridge saddles for improved intonation.

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