We repair and optimize all types of guitars, mandolins and banjos. All work is conducted with care in our shop.  We aim to complete high quality setups in order for you to rediscover your favorite instrument. Please get in touch with us for a price quote.

Complete Setup

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- Fret leveling
- Fretboard cleaning and polish
- Restringing
- Neck adjustment (Truss rod)
- String action adjustment at the nut
- String action adjustment at the saddle
- Intonation adjustment (harmonics)
- Pickup output adjustment
- Electronics cleaning

Handcarved Bone Nuts

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- Adjusted bone nuts
- Compensated bone saddles
- Bone nuts for other instruments


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- Standard
- Including fretboard correction
- Including fretboard correction and mother of pearl inlays 
- For maple necks
- For necks with binding
Complete instrument setup and fingerboard planingis included with any refreting work.


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- Standard
- Including varnish repair
- Including new saddle and nut
No matter the chosen option, the fingerboard will be planed straight and re-fretted following all neck reset work.


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- Electronics cleaning for solidbody
or archtop guitars 
- Pickup replacement
- Partial or complete rewiring

Structural Repairs

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- Broken headstock
- Broken sound board,
strutting or back plate
- Bass bar refixing 


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- Varnish repairs
- Chipping repairs
- French polish 
- Lacquer repairs
- Cleaning
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My associate :
Nora Gebhardt

After 3 years of studying at the Musical Instrument Making School in Mittenwald, Germany from which she graduated in 2006, Nora went on to spend a year honing her skills with luthier Christopher Schultz in southern France, where she specialized in restoring ancient instruments. Back in Germany in 2007, she worked for the Munich Guitar Company for the next 2 years, carrying out adjustements and common repairs on countless guitars of all kinds during this period.

In october 2009, Nora finally settled down in Clermont-Ferrand and starting working with Jérôme Casanova, who has been passing down his know-how to her for the past 10 years.