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A beautiful Special Chorus De Luxe jazz guitar, made by Antoine di Mauro in Paris around 1950.

The Chorus is probably the most recognizable of the models produced by the Di Mauro family, which found it’s way into the hands of countless French musicians throughout the 40s and 50s, from Henri Salvador to Jacques Brel, including a young Sacha Distel whose first guitar is said to have been a Chorus. Back in the day, they were a more affordable alternative to the Selmer-made instruments, although certainly not shoddily produced by modern day standards! The Special Chorus De Luxe model presented here has the same construction characteristics as the Special Chorus as described in the catalog, with a spruce top and maple back and sides, but differs somewhat in its aesthetic: the term “modèle américain” appearing in the Di Mauro brochure of the period takes on its full meaning, since in addition to the F-holes we find a sunburst finish applied to the top, back and sides – enough to make it appear as a Gibson L -48 or L-50 – made in France!

We also find the original plastic arm rest mounted on the upper side of the body, the pickguard, made of the same material, has unfortunately partly disintegrated but is preserved in the guitar case. The hardware is also complete, with the SB-stamped tuners typical of the period, the adjustable rosewood bridge and the chrome tailpiece to which a well-advised musician had a loop welded in order to attach a strap. The guitar has been fully restored and set up in our workshop, with the aim of preserving all its original elements including its finish, and is now in perfect playing condition.

Sold in a modern shaped case.

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