1975 MARTIN 0-16NY


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Martin 0-16NY from 1975, in excellent condition.

Introduced in 1961, the 0-16NY is designed as a guitar for playing with steel or nylon strings: in fact, it takes us back to the Martin guitar as it was manufactured until 1929, a date marking a turning point for the manufacturer of Nazareth since it was then that began the definitive transformation of their guitars into instruments purely intended for playing with steel strings (the introduction of the OM orchestra models is unequivocal proof of this). The 0-16NY comes from the earlier version of Martin guitars and to this end, we note several particular elements in its construction: smaller body shape, neck with 12 frets clear the body, open headstock, increased width of the fingerboard at the nut, simple decoration with a satin finish, and its bracing which is lighter than the steel-stringed Martins which gives it a particularly open and surprisingly powerful sound considering the size of the instrument.

The example presented here is one of 136 identical instruments shipped for the year 1975, and reaches us in excellent condition. We note the tuners have been changed, otherwise the guitar is exceptionally free of cracks, breaks, or other damage and shows very little wear despite its 50 years on Earth. We have worked to optimize all of its adjustment elements with complete planning of the frets and the adjustment of the nuts to be able to adjust the action to the lowest without causing any buzz or the muffling of certain notes, and regain perfect intonation across the entire fretboard.

Sold in its original case.

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