1968 MARTIN D-28S

1968 Martin D-28S, in very good condition.

This stunning and rare model from the late 60s is as close as one can get to the original D-28 in the early 1930s, as it sports a 12-fret neck, configuration which was abandoned in 1937 in favor of the 14-fret neck being generalized to all dreadnought models. 12-fret D-28s began to reappear as the D-28S starting in the mid-50s, although only one or two instruments were produced per year on special order, and it was only in 1967 that full-on production began again. The year the present guitar was built, the S-suffix dreadnoughts were introduced into the catalog and 125 identical instruments thus left the factory. In comparison, 15 times as many 14-fret D-28s were produced in 1968 – as such, saying this guitar is rare would almost be an understatement!

As we regularly notice on Martins bearing the S suffix, this guitar has an incredible sonic depth with buffed up lows, while retaining the sparkling highs which characterize all the good guitars (there are rarely bad ones) made by the Nazareth builders. Where woods are concerned, the instrument was provided with a beautiful spruce top presenting large growth rings, while the back and sides are made of splendid Brazilian rosewood (this supply will be discontinued the following year). The pickguard was removed quite a while ago, having probably suffered from the shrinkage that notoriously affects celluloid material of the era, the original tuners have been swapped for a set of Grover tuners. Complete professional setup done in our workshop, in perfect playing condition.

Sold in its original hardshell case.


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