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1969 Fender Telecaster, in very good condition.

This late sixties model has been superbly preserved since it left the Fullerton factory over half a century ago. We find on the guitar a number of characteristics tying it to the beginnings of the CBS era, which started 4 years earlier when the audiovisual giant bought up Fender: the new logo in black and bold letters which, according to Fender lore, was designed in order to facilitate the legibility of the brand name on television screens, the F-stamped tuners introduced to replace the Kluson Deluxe type used up until then, the return to one-piece maple necks with the skunk stripe on the back which had been abandoned in 1959 in favor of rosewood and then maple-cap fretboard necks.

This set comes in a beautiful Blonde finish, as found on many guitars of the era – despite the page being turned from the manufacturer’s early days, visually and sonically all of the model’s most appealing aspects are present. All main parts original, including varnish, pickups and electronics. Complete professional setup done in our workshop, ready to play.

Sold in its original Fender hardshell case.

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