An exceptional 1958 Fender Stratocaster, in very good condition.

The body is dated from March 1958, and has a beautifully preserved sunburst with plenty of red colour left in it.
The maple neck is dated from April 1958.
Both tone pots have been changed, volume pot is an original 1957 part.
The pickups, plastic parts and hardware all appear to be original.
“Fun fact”, at some point in this guitar’s life someone took it upon themselves to place fake diamonds (also included) on the headstock of the instrument – a decision they would probably come to regret if they knew the current value of the guitar! This modification was reverted, but some marks are still visible.
All in all, a great Strat from the early days, packing a whole lot of mojo, which to top things off comes in its original tweed case, also beautifully aged.
Complete professional setup done at our workshop, in perfect playing condition.
Guitar sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Original price was: €39.800,00.Current price is: €37.500,00.

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