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Stunning Fender Rosewood Telecaster from 1971, in exceptional condition.
This model, unique among Fender instruments due to its all-rosewood construction, is the production version of a prototype popularized by George Harrison. Back in the late 60s, Don Randall, the director of Fender Musical Instruments at the time, had it in his mind to pursue the Fab Four and win them over to Fender by bestowing them with a variety of Fender instruments – among which the Rosewood Telecaster, which captured the interest of George Harrison. He most notably made an appearance with it in the 1969 “Rooftop Concert“, the Beatles’ ultimate live performance before parting ways.
Upon realizing the potential of the Rosewood Tele, Fender decided to launch a short production run of the model which lasted from ’69 to ’72. The body was initially made of two slabs of rosewood with a sheet of maple sandwiched between them – although due to the weight of the guitar the bodies were later chambered (as is the case on the present guitar). The neck is made from a single piece of rosewood, routed in the back to install the truss rod and covered with a distinctive maple skunk stripe.
This guitar is in near mint condition, and definitely has the crisp, clear tone that Rosewood Teles are famed to have – whether it is due to the rosewood construction or the pickups, that is up for discussion. All parts are original, with its hardcase. Complete professional setup done at our workshop, in perfect playing condition.

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