Stunning Gibson ES-345TDC from 1962, in excellent original condition.

After the introduction of the ES-335 in 1958, Gibson continued to expand their new line of thinline electric models equipped with their innovative humbucking pickups, beginning in late 1958 with the development of the ES-355T, a high-end model with gold-plated hardware, with a higher degree of appointments than the 335 and a Cherry finish, factory equipped with a Bigsby vibrato. The ES-345T arrived in its wake in early 1959, introducing a new kind of instrument since it was the first to be systematically equipped with stereo Varitone circuitry, an assembly allowing precise filtering of specific frequency bands –  extending the sound palette of the guitar beyond what was previously possible (18 different combinations in total!).

At the end of the 1950s, faced with the expansion of stereophonic technology, many guitar manufacturers incorporated these innovations into their range of instruments – Gretsch was the first with their “Project-O-Sonic” pickups, allowing distribution of the 3 treble strings and 3 bass strings into two separate amplifiers, then Gibson with a more rudimentary system that simply isolates the signal of each pickup and connects it to separate amplifiers. The ES-345T is at the heart of this transformative period, and in fact many artists took to playing these pioneering guitars – from B.B. King to George Harrison.

The present instrument is one of 204 identical models to leave the Kalamazoo factory line in 1962, and reaches us today in superb condition: perfectly preserved Cherry finish, double-parallelogram fingerboard inlays, gold-plated Kluson Deluxe tuners, equipped with its humbucker pickups – a Patent No. in neck position and a Patent Applied For in the bridge position, the year 1962 being situated in the transition period between the two labels following the patent being granted. Complete professional setup done in our workshop, in perfect playing condition.

The instrument is sold in its original hardshell case, splitter Y-cable also provided.


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