Fender Super-Amp 5B4 from 1952, in very good condition.

This dual-speaker amplifier is one of Leo Fender’s seminal creations, and forever changed the world of instrument amplification. Launched in late 1946 as the “Dual Professional”, this model was one of the first mass-produced amplifiers by the Fullerton company. Renamed “Super-Amp” in 1947, with the 10-inch speakers, cabinet covered in the famous tweed fabric, eyelet board-mounted components, chrome on/off switch and jewel light are all the founding elements for the construction of Fender amplifiers for the decade to follow. The push-pull circuit configuration on the Super-Amp allows for great fidelity in signal amplification, compared to the designs of the much more rudimentary Champ or Princeton amps of the time.

The presented model embodies the third aesthetic iteration of the Super-Amp, known as “wide panel” – indicating that the two speakers are mounted in a straight line on the front panel, while they are mounted diagonally on the following versions to reduce cabinet width. Despite its 70 years of existence, this Super-Amp remains very well preserved, with its original Jensen P10R speakers, its set of Triac / Stancor transformers (110V primary, sold with a 230 / 110V power adaptor), the majority of the components having also been preserved apart from the electrolytic capacitors and the power cable which has been modified to a 3-pronged plug (these modifications were done professionally, in order to ensure safety during use). Vintage Raytheon 5U4G rectifier tube, other tubes are a modern Sovtek-brand set.


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