1964 Fender Stratocaster, refinished in a stunning Dakota Red, in very good condition.

This Strat comes to us from the period when the neck mounting plates bear the famous “L” serial numbers, probably resulting from a printing error when going from number 99,999 to 100,000, but which gave us Fender instruments that are among the most appreciated and sought after today – after all, they condense 10 years of experience in the production of the model at that time! The guitar has a set of characteristics specific to the so-called transition period: the neck, dated to October 1964 (“pre-CBS” by officially three months), is topped with a thin rosewood fingerboard typical of the period, which still retains the clay dot inlays which will be changed to perloid over the coming months. The guitar’s three single-coil pickups are also dated from this year, and feature gray bottom bases. The headstock features the new transitional logo in bold, gold lettering, taking over from the spaghetti logo. We also find the old-style celluloid pickguard which, as is often the case with this type of plastic material, has shrunk and taken on a green tint over time.

On top of the finish of the guitar, the original selector switch has been changed to a 5-way selector switch (the original 3-way switch is kept in the case, and can be reinstalled upon request) and the volume potentiometer has been replaced. The rest of the electronics, wiring, and hardware of the instrument are original. All in all, we have a guitar which has been played a lot and therefore undergone some transformations, but nevertheless retains what makes the charm of the pre-CBS Stratocasters: the sound of its pickups, the profile of its neck, its light weight – all elements which make it a versatile guitar and ideal for long playing sessions. The guitar has been appraised, fully setup and prepared in our workshop, in perfect playing condition.

Sold in its original Fender hardshell case, with its tremolo rod and chrome ashtray bridge cover.


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