1971 Fender Jazzmaster, in excellent original condition.

Here is a model that is very rare to come across: a Jazzmaster from the early 70s, resolutely from the CBS period, when these guitars had almost completely fallen into oblivion in the face of the hegemony of Stratocasters and Telecasters. The instrument as a whole is still very close to the version released in 1966 following the acquisition of Fender by the audiovisual conglomerate: the poly Sunburst finish has more gradient from one color to another compared to the Sunburst ” bullseye” from the mid 60s, the neck features a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and block style inlays. The pickguard, the F-stamped tuners and even the neck-mounting plate stamped with the F logo also conform to the style defined in 1966. The sound is not noticeably different from the 60s models – the Jazzmaster being made in very small quantities at this time, the pickups and many parts of the hardware are perfectly identical to those found on previous productions.

In its original Fender case with its tremolo rod. The guitar has been adjusted, prepared and appraised by us, sold in perfect playing condition.


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