1968 Gibson SG Standard, in very good condition.

A very fine example of SG Standard from the late 1960s, an iconic guitar which is now mainly celebrated for having in some way sponsored the career of AC/DC lead guitarist – Angus Young has surely traveled hundreds of kilometers of stage with a similar model in hand! The SG Standard from the 1966-1970 period also presents a number of particular characteristics which distinguish it from earlier and later versions.

We can note among other things a large pickguard (denoted wide ‘guard) hiding a substantial body cavity (from 1966, the body of the SG was updated with a wider recess allowing it to be equipped at the factory in all configurations of SG or Melody Maker models), a particularly dark Cherry finish, two humbucker pickups connected to standard wiring including volume and tone controls, the Maestro Vibrola tailpiece with its engraved plate. We also find the witch hat style knobs and the original Kluson Deluxe tuners. The instrument reaches us today in very good general condition, however we note an old repair at the heel of the neck, following a break which unfortunately very often affects Gibson SGs. The pickup covers were resoldered at some point, the rest of the electronics are original, as are the hardware and other parts constituting the instrument. Completely set up and prepared in our workshop, in perfect playing condition.

Sold in a modern flight case.


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