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1965 Fender Stratocaster, in superb condition.

Here is a very nice example of what could be considered a transitional model between the old and the new Fender after the takeover of the Fullerton manufacturer by CBS, among the last instruments to carry an L serial number. Release of the factory in the summer of 1965, only a few months after the change in owners, the guitar comes to us as it left the factory 58 years ago, with the sole exception of its pickguard, which has been replaced by a new part matching at least aesthetically the multi-ply ABS plates fitted from 1965.

Other than that, all of the original elements are there, starting with the beautiful bullseye-style Sunburst finish, so called due to that fact that for the sake of saving time, the three colors were applied using a mask and no longer done in by mastered hand movements, giving a more uniform result from one guitar to the next but with less fading between each shade, clearer transitions from yellow to red to black not unlike the concentric zones of a target. We also find the transitional Fender logo in bold golden letters, Kluson Deluxe double-line tuners, the small headstock typical of early-era Strats, three grey-bottom single-coil pickups with the original wiring intact, pearloid dot inlays … all of the elements that make up a iconic model, before the gradual switch to instruments of a wholly different nature.

Fully appraised and professionally set up in our workshop, the instrument has been perfectly optimized for comfortable playing. The guitar is sold in a modern Fender case, trem arm included.

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