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Magnificent steel-string jazz model built by Jean-Pierre Favino bearing the original label, #956 bis from 1985, in very good condition.

Built to order, this guitar obviously draws largely on the Modèle #10, which has always been central to the production of the Favino house, heard on many albums and seen in the hands of the greatest. There are, however, several elements that make this instrument very special: a 5-piece maple and rosewood neck; large pearloid block fingerboard inlays; and above all, a Brazilian rosewood to die for on the back and sides, superbly figured in perfectly symmetrical patterns on either side of the back. This luxury set is complemented by a set of SB tuners, the absolute benchmark for quality tuners designed specifically for French jazz guitars.

Without too much surprise, the guitar develops an insane sound power, enough to make the walls shake and bring down the ceilings of all the nearby cafés!

Sold in its original hardshell case.

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