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Superb Di Mauro Special Chorus De Luxe, bearing the iron mark of Antoine di Mauro, made in Paris around 1950.

The Chorus is probably the most recognizable of the models produced by the Di Mauro workshop, and it is found in the hands of countless musicians throughout the 40s and 50s, from Henri Salvador to Jacques Brel, and a young Sacha Distel whose first guitar is said to have been a Chorus. The Special Chorus De Luxe model presented here has the same construction characteristics as the Special Chorus as described in the catalog, with spruce top and maple back and sides, but differs somewhat in its aesthetic: the instrument is entirely finished in a black lacquer varnish contrasting with the light color of the plastic parts and the fingerboard inlays, giving it all the necessary assets to make it an instrument of choice for playing a tuxedo event – it is reminiscent of the tradition of monochrome guitars produced across the Atlantic, from Gibson’s black L-00 and Les Paul Custom to the Le Domino guitars produced by Regal in Chicago, which confirms the American inspiration of the Chorus model.

We find the original celluloid arm rest installed on the upper edge of the body, as well as the pickguard made of the same material which fortunately remains in good condition to this day! The hardware is also complete, with the SB-stamped tuners typical of the period, the adjustable rosewood bridge and the chrome tailpiece. The guitar has been completely restored, refretted and set up in our workshop, with the aim of preserving all of its original elements including its varnish while bringing back all of its qualities as a musical instrument, with a low action and optimal intonation.

Sold in a modern hardshell case.

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