A Selmer Petite Bouche from 1941, this one is numbered #543. This is a fantastic instrument of course sound-wise but also esthetically, with its flamed maple sides, back and neck (all solid wood!). A real treat to play with a short scale and large nut width – these provides great comfort and makes the instrument very responsive to the slightest attack.

Very few of these maple models were made (only about 20 known instruments built around 1941-1942) and this specific one is quite peculiar as it has a 12-fret neck instead of the 14-fret necks that were more common by that time. This guitar is in great original condition, with its original varnish, S-stamped tailpiece and tuners, and original case (this is very rare, cases alone can fetch very high sale prices!)

Complete professional setup done at our workshop, ready to be played.


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