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An intriguing steel string jazz guitar built in the 1930s, attributed to the production of Sonora and bearing the retailer label of Paul Beuscher, in very good condition.

In all likelihood, this instrument predates the time when the rules governing the shapes of the French jazz guitar were definitively established by Selmer, Busato and others: the guitar has a neck with 12 frets outside the body and a round sound hole in the style so-called Spanish guitars, combined with a cutaway and a floating bridge associated with a tailpiece.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the guitar is of excellent build quality: the top is made of a beautiful spruce with wide growth rings, decorated with multi-ply binding around its edge and around the rosette as well as an inlaid walnut pickguard on the side ; the back and sides are veneered walnut, nicely figured. We also let you appreciate the somewhat exotic shape of the headstock! The instrument has been completely restored for playing and its setup has been optimized in our workshop: this work includes a refret of the instrument after planning the fingerboard, making a new set of bone saddles, adjusting the original bridge, action and intonation adjustment – all original parts have been preserved, including varnish and fingerboard. What we get at the end is a beautiful little jazz guitar that is perfectly adjusted for playing and comfortable, with all the tone and projection you need.

Sold in a modern case.

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