Magnificent Martin OM-28 Authentic 1931 from 2015, in perfect original condition.

Here is an excellent contemporary interpretation of a model that is both emblematic and founding in the history of Martin: the OM-28 represents a major advance in the world of flat-top steel-string guitars since it is is the first to offer the fusion between a 14 fret neck and a 000 shape, influencing the construction of most of the flat-top models produced in its wake. This innovative design, unveiled at a time when 12-fret necks were the norm, was introduced in late 1929 on the OM-28 guitars, a more luxurious rosewood model. The OM-18, with its mahogany body, was launched in early 1930 and met with immediate success despite the economic crisis of the time.

Ironically, although Orchestra Models were originally designed for use in dance bands, guitarists largely preferred the archtop models which were then enjoying their golden age. However, the new OM models found their audience among singing cowboy bands nostalgic for the rush to the West, and many of these smaller groups of singers, fiddlers, and guitarists adopted them enthusiastically. Their popularity was boosted by their appearance in many early western genre films, thus spreading their fame to the general public. The design was so well received that after 1933, almost all Martin guitars adopted this format: the OM-28 designation was abandoned in 1934, the 14-fret model reverting to the name 000-28. After a few minor adjustments, it became a staple of Martin guitars, spanning the decades to the present day.

The instrument presented is a faithful reproduction of the model as it was offered in 1931. Roasted Adirondack spruce top, back and sides in Madagascar rosewood, scalloped X bracing, 14 fret neck, solid headstock equipped with Waverley tuners … great luxury! Prepared and adjusted in our workshop, the guitar is in perfect playing condition.

Sold in its original Martin case with tags.


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