National Triolian Polychrome from circa 1933, a fine example of a resonator guitar from the great era.

The metal-bodied Triolian, produced from 1929, was for a long time one of the Californian manufacturer’s bestsellers: more affordable in price than the Style O and the luxurious Tricone models, one could acquire a real blues machine for the sum of $45 – a real saver in those times of financial crisis! The features of the Triolian are essentially the same as the higher-end single-cone models but instead of the polished and etched metal body we find a uniform yellow-green finish (the “polychrome” denomination finds itself somewhat contradicted here!) with a Hawaiian sunset scene stencilled on the back. The present model was produced during 1933, and still has the older 12-fret neck, before the change to 14-fret necks which would take place the following year. We also find the rolled-in style f-holes, where previously they were simply punched out – this new construction must have been intended to reinforce and increase the rigidity of the top. Models combining 12-fret necks and rolled-in soundholes are thus uncommon to come by since they were produced over a very short span of time between 1933 and 1934, and as such are particularly popular with connoisseurs.

Repro tuners, the rest of the instrument is in good general condition. Complete professional setup done in our workshop, ready to play. Sold in a modern hardshell case.


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