c.1969 MARTIN D-28

A beautiful Martin D-28 from circa 1969, in very good condition.

This is in many ways quite a mysterious guitar. There is no doubt where its nature and origin are concerned – indeed, it is built in strict accordance with Martin’s standards in terms of the woods used and the high quality of woodworking and finishing. In all regards, it is exactly what one would expect from an early 70s D-28: black acetate pick guard glued directly onto the wood, Grover “Pat. Pend.” tuners, fabric vertical side strips, Indian rosewood bridge plate, back and sides. However, a few unusual elements are to be noted.

First of which, the absence of a serial number on this guitar, despite the model name being branded in the usual location on the neck joint. Second, there are two markings present on the inside of the guitar: the first one, handwritten, reads “R&D #124” and the second one, stamped, reads “Property of C. F. Martin & Co. Not to be sold”. We could imagine a couple explanations as to the reason behind these markings. They could denote that this instrument was once an “Employee Guitar”, built by a worker at Martin for his own use outside of work hours. The second explanation, more likely than the first, is that this guitar was used for research and development purposes, for example on new varnish types or new woods (might this guitar be one of the very first Indian rosewood D-28 prototypes?). Once “R&D” guitars had reached the end of their usefulness, many are said to have been either loaned to musicians whose instruments were undergoing repair at Martin facilities, or sold to Martin employees.

All speculation aside, this is an excellent instrument in its own right, and has a beautiful tonal palette with the deep bottom-end that makes the dreadnought shape so desirable. Complete professional setup done at our workshop, in perfect playable condition.
Comes in a non-original dreadnought sized hardcase.


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